Privacy Policy

Just so you know, we don't share any—nothun', zip, zero, nada—information collected here with anyone. The whole thing is just for fun.

This isn't an online store, or marketing gimmic site, or some Facebook "-ville" app. There's nowhere on the site that collects any personal information about you other than what you put into the draw, and that we only keep to send off the email or tweet.

Now, as with every other web site you visit, we do get some data about your web surfing just so we can see where you're coming from (other sites that link to us), how long you stayed, your OS, your broswer, and where you went after after you had such a totally fun time on our site. This information is standard when using Google Analytics. By letting us see what kind of visitors we have, Google Analytics helps us make a better interneting experience for the whole-big-fat-world.

BTW, did we mention we will NEVER sell or give away or hawk or put in a garage sale information inputed into the site? Yeah, thought we did.

If you have any questions, or would like us to clarify anything, please feel free to contact us: